hello users, I'm changing the site script to offer you more features; now you can find the site here

I have not yet proceeded to fix the user balance and referrals; I will re-add your funds as soon as possible once you have registered on the site (it could take me a couple of days, unfortunately I have to do everything manually). I just hope you enjoy the new site more. Thank you!!!
I added:
1. FAUCET --> claim 3 satoshi every 90 seconds
2. AUTOFAUCET --> use energy earned through faucet, shortlink to receive 1 satoshi automatically every 30 seconds
3. pay to click --> watch sponsored ads to earn satoshi
4. SHORTLINK --> claim up to 8 satoshi every shortlink
5. WHEEL OF FORTUNE --> use energy to spin the wheel and earn up to 400 satoshi
6. DEPOSIT -->deposit with faucetpay and sponsor your referral links at very low prices
Soon it will be possible to withdraw other cryptocurrencies on faucetpay in addition to bitcoin